Hello folks, In this article let us discuss how to create an amazingly fast static web site using React with Gatsby. Before diving into the topic, let us have a quick lookup on what is Gatsby and what it does.

Gatsby is an open source static website generator used to build static sites which come with amazingly fast page loads and lot of optimizations like data prefetching, code splitting, asset optimization, intelligent image loading etc. performed over the generated site by its internal code. Gatsby is React-based framework and uses webpack and GraphQL technologies behind the screen.


Setting up the environment

Gatsby is built…

source: micronaut.io

Hello folks. In this article, let us explore the new emerging JVM based, open source polyglot framework Micronaut which was developed by OCI, the creator of Grails. Before getting into our article, let us discuss a little bit about why we need a new framework for JAVA and how Micronaut suits as a good option.

Why Micronaut?

As we all are familiar with the fact that Java was one of the most preferred programming language for building enterprise applications. Post the cloud revolution, Most of the organization adopts Microservice based architecture over monolithic for building applications. Apart from many benefits…

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